for sisters

our nets to be caught with
our reservoirs to cry into
our blankets to hide beneath 
our ground to stand upon 

i have spent a life
pouring my self
my soul
my deepest of hearts
into you sister

at times (most times)
that you take me 
all of me
into your body 

into your limbs, your belly, the air in your lungs
where you keep all the parts of me
the dreams of me
the wants of me
the purpose of me

and safe
and remembered

because you know
that time wears over me like a current
quietly opening holes on my skin
draining me out, all of these parts of me
until i am left

but there you stand
as if beside me always
deceiving time

filling me back up
with all of those parts of me
that whole of me
you kept
in your body
and remembered
my self
my soul
my heart

my sisters
for you
because of you
I am