poetry & prose

Writing is something I enjoy most. It invites me to slow down (even though everything I write is short...) and reminds me to remember. And because I'm the person who loses interest in her own projects if they last more than a few days, short-form seems just to work best. (I long for furniture making, but alas...)


If someone had told me I would have spent my time in Grad School drawing thousands of dots... but I did, I did a lot, a lot of doodling. I still call these little dots my gift from the universe. A little gift from the universe who also gave me sacred geometry. Thanks universe. 


Some parts of my day I spend as a user interface and graphic designer. I get to work with great people and use creative problem solving to design brand identities, systems of iconography, data visualization, and occasionally, illustrations and composites.

mini figure studies

These figures started as a way to process some inside/outside work I was doing with body image. They evolved into one of the ways I process feelings and life experiences. They also became the platform for my first attempts at poetry. 

nature & geometry studies

The first thing I can actually remember drawing (or remember enjoying to draw) was a fish. I never stopped drawing animals and plants and other nature things after that. Just as randomly I picked up an interest in circles a few years ago, and then other shapes, and eventually, they bumped into each other and became this series.  



Nature, yea, I just can't quit it. In addition to the smaller works on paper for the Nature and Geometry series, I also jump in and out of doing larger works with graphite and charcoal. These animal studies are similar in form to the geometry series in their realism, but do not employ pointillism for the mark making.